Music lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased to see the Intimate concerts come back to Tremblant Resort July 18 to September 1. Located in the heart of the charming pedestrian village, Promenade Deslauriers will welcome artists at 5:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. for free and intimate performances. The small stage set up in this natural amphitheater will feature a variety of musical styles. Some of the artists featured include Jérôme Charlebois, Michael Dozier, Valectra, Jérôme Charlebois and many others.

Complete Schedule

July 18: Heaven
July 19: Laurent Bourque
July 20: Pascal Dufour
July 21: Valectra
August 1: Michael Dozier
August 2: Mick O’Grady
August 3: Jérome Charlebois
August 4: Sébastien DeFrancesco
August 8: Mathieu Grégoire
August 9 A-Zaar
August 10: McDonald & Lutes
August 15: Margau
August 16: Michael Dozier
August 17: Laurent Bourque
August 22: Mick O’Grady
August 23: Valectra
August 24: Pascal Dufour
August 25: Mathieu Gregoire
August 29: A-Zaar
August 30: Jérome Charlebois
August 31: Sébastien DeFrancesco
September 1: Heaven